Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sudden Hiatus

Hello everyone,

I am very sorry that I haven't updated my blog for quite so long now because I'm not home and life is just a little bit busier. I am now in Singapore, away from home, doing something personal. And it seemed that this unannounced news is very abrupt.

I promise to post something when I get back or I'll find some time to post something up. I hope I'm not disappointing you!

Lots of love,

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Makeup Talk: The power of Red Lipstick.

"Beauty is, to me, being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick" - Gwyneth Paltrow

I salute Gwyneth for saying that because it is exactly true. Some people cannot live without mascara or eyeliner, but me, a swipe of red lipstick can instantly boost my confidence.

5 reasons why red lipsticks are awesome:

1. Red = Power

Red lipsticks scream so many things like sexy, confident, powerful, fierce, and more and more adjectives. It doesn't matter what shade of red it is, as long as it is red, you're on! My personal favorite red lipstick is the MAC Russian Red, if I finish my current tube, I will not hesitate to repurchase. Not only it is a true red (with blue tone), it is matte too. So much win.

2. It suits every age range

Whether you're 18, 28, 38, 48 or 58, red lipsticks never fail to make you look gorgeous. I personally do not fancy red colors but when it is on your lips, everything just falls into place. My grandmother who is 76 still wears red lipstick and she rocks.

3. You can wear it on any occasion

Parties, graduation, family photo, weddings, interview, everyday to work, anywhere. In my experience, you can just wear red lipsticks anywhere you go, it is never wrong.

4. Effortless

People may think wearing red lipstick has too much work on getting your whole outfit together but really, red lipstick is actually doing you a favor. Red lipsticks can be a statement to what you're wearing and you don't have to worry about anything else.

5. Suits any style

It doesn't matter if your personal style in grungy, punk, feminine, classy or elegant, red lipsticks can't go wrong.

Disclaimer : all photos are not mine.

I know It takes a lot of courage to wear red lipsticks but based on my experience, I got addicted to red lipsticks prior to one wear. One of my goals is to get a collection full of different shades of red lipsticks. I'm holding on to it!

What is you opinion about red lipsticks?

Happy Sunday,

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wondrous Wednesday : Thank Your Body

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today, I was enlightened by my bored mine with a brilliant idea. I decided to do a new series where I share a website once in 2 weeks on a Wednesday (if I found any). All the websites that I am going to share here are very beneficial that it's worth sharing it with all of you guys.

So for today, I am delighted to share about this website/blog I found yesterday. It is called Thank Your Body and it's ran by Robin Konie. You may found me talking a little bit about Robin's website in my previous post about SLS.

Okay where do I start.

Let's just start by expressing that I love each and everything that Robin has posted. She wakes up every healthy fibre inside of me and inspire me that healthy living is not an option, it's a solution. From her homemade recipes of EVERYTHING to her fitness tips, she is like a Godsend angel that is here to save us all from the devils of McDonalds and toxic makeup. Like I have no idea that we could make our own mascara without having the complicated chemicals that could potentially damage our health.

I am very very grateful that I found Robin's website and I am thankful that there is a person that is so nice to share all the healthy food recipes, natural-ingredients makeup recipes, health and fitness tips and more. Robin's website deserve all the recognition it has.

Thank you Robin. Just thank you.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Be a greener person. Wear hazard-free products.

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I came across Fee's post about products containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES) and I thought it was so great of her to share that with us. I am now very cognizant about all the products I'm using daily. It was such an eye-opening post. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, SLS is a common chemical used in cosmetic industry....and industrial cleaners. Crazy huh? In a basic non-hazardous term, it is just a foaming agent. It is mostly found in body wash, shampoos, facial cleaners, and products that usually foam up. Now I can't go on full subject on this matter, a website called Mercola did a post on SLS, you can read it here.

Fee's post and the article above are already enough to make me aware of things. It's kind of pretty disappointing to discover the ugly truth about some amazing products that I've used contained SLS. But the perks of living on earth is that we are gifted with amazing scientists that care about making products that are SLS free. There are tons of SLS-free shampoos sold online and if you are lucky enough, you can find it in your local drugstore. Of course, some are quite pricey but I know that it's worth it. I am still shampoo-hunting myself, now that I know why I have been losing quite a lot of hair and dandruff everywhere on my scalp. Damn you SLS!

I made my own fair share of online research yesterday, and I found a useful website called EWG's Skin Deep. It is a website owned by Environmental Working Group (EWG) and it is a cosmetic database where you can check the ingredients of a certain product and their potential of being hazardous. You just easily search your product in the search box and they will provide as many information as they could.

Fortunately, most of my skincare products and makeup products aren't that hazardous but I should still be aware. Not just SLS, but other ingredients as well. We shouldn't be gullible about what commercials want us to see. Organic and Natural do not always mean it is SLS-free. To be safe, check the ingredients.

Which leads me to my next point. If most of products are not 100% safe and safe products are pricey and hard to get, what is there left to do? Honestly, I was literally about to cry when I thought of this question because it feels like a dead end. But eventually my light bulb was switched! Homemade, DIYs and natural ingredients are our answers! I found this amazing blog that consist a LOT of homemade recipes. From blush, bronzer, foundation, etc. There is nothing safer than using natural, unprocessed ingredients. So there's our loophole!

I hope this post can give you a wake up call. As much as makeup and skincare products are our savior, we need to be aware of the stuff it has in it. What we can always do is check the ingredients or wear makeup less or find a safer alternative or made your own. We must always take care of our body, not to fall on the rabbit's hole.

Question time : how often do you check the ingredients before you buy a certain product?


Saturday, 25 May 2013

My healthy breakfast meals since I was a kid

Hello everyone!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal. Metaphorically, it is like a fuel to energize our body until the rest of the day. We also know that phrase 'We are what we eat' is also as equally important as not missing our breakfast. Carefully choosing our breakfast in one step to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

I'm not going to lie that sometimes I do fall for my cravings and just shove whatever I want  into my mouth. We all lose the battle sometimes. Lucky enough for me, my mother always prepared me healthy breakfast ever since I was in  primary school. Until today, I still make my own breakfast like how my Mom always made me . Thank you Mom!

Today, I'm just sharing with you guys few of the healthy meals my mom used to make me, so everyone can make one or make one for you kids!

  • 2 fully boiled eggs

Yes, as simple as that. Boiled eggs are very fulfilling, it literally can make you less hungry until afternoon. Eggs contains a lot of protein, so more energy and stamina!

  • 2 pieces of wholemeal bread with peanut butter spread

I always prefer my bread to be toasted, it's crunchier! And I just love the bread crumbles, it's messy but it makes everything yummier. Everything in this meal is high in fibre and carbohydrates. 

  • 3 boiled chicken sausages with chili sauce dip

Let me emphasise on the boiled there. BOILED. Never deep fry it. You can change the chill sauce dip to anything you want, like Thousand Island or mustard or even cheese.

  • Cereals with low fat milk

I know this one is pretty normal, everyone does this. But my mom always gave me healthier cereals like Corn Flakes, which is very low in sugar and high in fibre. Never go for full cream milk. Low fat milk is the healthier choice and it tastes better.

  • A plain pancake

I never bother with the syrups. I always eat plain! If I do want something to eat it with, I'd go for chocolate sauce.

So, those are few of the healthier breakfast my mom used to make and I still do eat them until today. I hope you can gather something from this post! 

What did you eat for breakfast when you were a little kid?

Disclaimer: all photos are not mine.

Happy Sunday,

Makeup Talk : Matte VS Shimmery

Hello everyone! I've been wrecking my brain on what to post for today. Then I thought why not do a post where I can spark a debate? LOL. Just kidding, but for the record I actually did want to do something debatable, although I doubt this topic even worth the debate or not.

So, the question for today is, which one is better in the cosmetic world, Matte or Shimmery? This includes everything in the makeup scope: lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, blush, etc.
  • Lipstick

On the lips: MAC Russian Red

When I was about 10 years old, I was rummaging through my Mom's makeup bag and found a tube of very, very shimmery lipstick. I remember clearly that it has deep pink color with gold speckles around it. As any girl would do, I started to glide the lipstick on my lips and examined myself on the mirror. I remember that I didn't like it, it just made me look unflattering. Until today, I never liked shimmery lipsticks especially the shiny, glossy ones. I can handle lustrous lipsticks with lipliner underneath, but other than that, it is beyond repair. 

My very first matte lipstick was the NYX Matte Lipsticks collection in Natural. I still have it right now and I absolutely love it. My absolute favorite matte lipstick has to be MAC Russian Red. I love how matte lipsticks make me look: sleek, neat and flattering. I would wear matte lipsticks over shimmery lipsticks anytime. 

  • Eyeshadows

Essence Sun Club Palette

Now, I have love/hate relationship with both matte and shimmery eyeshadows. I never really know why. At some point, matte eyeshadows look good one me and at some point I look as dull as a dead plant. Same goes with shimmery eyeshadows, sometimes I just look TOO over the top but sometimes, I look like sparkly diva! Both my favorite matte and shimmery eyeshadows are by Essence (Matte Eyeshadow palette and Sun Club palette respectively)

  • Foundation
Revlon Colorstay in 310 Warm Golden

I have oily skin, no doubt I would choose matte finish over radiant finish anytime. No debate here! My favorite foundation, the Revlon Colorstay has a matte finish which I am so grateful for.
  • Blush/Bronzer

Same goes with foundation, I'm all the matte team for blush and bronzer! If I ever want a shimmer, I would just pop a highlighter on my cheeks and I never have to worry about my face turning into grease. I don't have a favorite blush but right now, I'm obsessed with Catrice Defining Brush which I did a full review on. My all time fave bronzer is the Essence Matte Bronzing Powder in 02 Love To Be Matt.

Which team are you on? Team Matte or Team Shimmery? 


Friday, 24 May 2013

Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin'!

Hello, everyone. I had a lot of free times today and I haven't got a single idea what to post for. So I took the advantage to create myself new accounts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin'.


I love blogging and I would like to continue this for as long as I could, I would appreciate it if you guys would support what I do and spread the word!! Just click on the banners below and it will direct you to the them.

Many many thanks!