Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wondrous Wednesday : Thank Your Body

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today, I was enlightened by my bored mine with a brilliant idea. I decided to do a new series where I share a website once in 2 weeks on a Wednesday (if I found any). All the websites that I am going to share here are very beneficial that it's worth sharing it with all of you guys.

So for today, I am delighted to share about this website/blog I found yesterday. It is called Thank Your Body and it's ran by Robin Konie. You may found me talking a little bit about Robin's website in my previous post about SLS.

Okay where do I start.

Let's just start by expressing that I love each and everything that Robin has posted. She wakes up every healthy fibre inside of me and inspire me that healthy living is not an option, it's a solution. From her homemade recipes of EVERYTHING to her fitness tips, she is like a Godsend angel that is here to save us all from the devils of McDonalds and toxic makeup. Like I have no idea that we could make our own mascara without having the complicated chemicals that could potentially damage our health.

I am very very grateful that I found Robin's website and I am thankful that there is a person that is so nice to share all the healthy food recipes, natural-ingredients makeup recipes, health and fitness tips and more. Robin's website deserve all the recognition it has.

Thank you Robin. Just thank you.



  1. Oh wow. Thank you, Izzie. This is so sweet. And just another reminder that I have the best readers. Blessings to you!

    1. You deserve it anyway :) Thank you for visiting, Robin!

  2. Thanks for sharing - I will definitely have to check out this site!