Sunday, 19 May 2013

Product knockout: Catrice Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner VS Essence My Base Skin Perfection

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great sunday, I know I am. Since I have a free time, I want to do a Product Knockout. It's going to be another series where I compare similar products from different brands. Today, it will be face primers. If you haven't known me yet, I am a lover of drugstore products, Catrice and Essence are two of my favorite drugstore brands. I have been investing in a lot of their products and I am very satisfied of everything I've tried ever since. Their face primers work wonders on my skin, but this knockout has to have a winner, right? So let me get into the details of each.

Catrice Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner 
This Catrice face primer (click the picture to buy it online) is wonderful on the skin. My foundation and concealer glide very smoothly with this product underneath and hence, makes it easy to blend. As far as I'm concern, this doesn't make my foundation melt and hold it for hours. The consistency of this product is however, very oily and kind of making my skin feels uncomfortable for a few minutes. After putting on foundation, it feels okay. This primer comes in a jar which means you have to dip your fingers onto the product, for me that's a little bit unsanitary. But the good thing about product in a jar is that you have control over the amount. Another thing I love about this primer is that it makes my face looks like a new canvas. It assists the foundation effectively in covering my imperfections and redness. 
Essence My Base Skin Perfection
The Essence face primer (click the picture to buy it online) comes in a tube with a pump which is very convenient and sanitary for me, however, I don't really have much control on how much it squirts the product out. This primer is slightly tinted with a peachy color but you can barely see it on the skin. Like Catrice's this makes the foundation and concealer glides very easily and easy to blend. As for the consistency, I don't have problems with it, it feels like a moisturizer and yes, it feels moisturizing when I put this on. In terms of holding my foundation, it holds quite long. Unfortunately, as much as I love this product, this doesn't make my face looks like a new canvas, I can still see redness. I know I can just easily build up the layer of my foundation to cover the redness, but foundation isn't the case, if I layer it, my face will look cakey. 

After I lot of thinking, I manage to knockout one of them. And the winner is.....CATRICE! But this doesn't mean that I wouldn't be wearing the Essence's anymore, I still can wear it for a more natural look where I don't wear much products on my face. Catrice's almost beat every winning factors of Essence's in my opinion such as how it holds my foundation longer and kind of make my face less greasy after long hours. I just wish this product comes with a pump!

If I had to change one thing about these face primers, it would be adding a sun protection formula. It would be SO much better if they have SPF, don't you think? It would become like a 2 in 1 product, a primer and sunscreen. 

So that's it!

Have you tried these products, if yes, do you agree with me? If not, which would you buy? Leave me a comment! 

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  1. I have tried both of these and thought they were both good but I am not really much of a primer person. I always forget!

    1. Well it's probably you have a good quality foundation or you have a flawless skin. My skin is very oily, my foundation just tend to really melt off my face. And I live in a very hot climate! So primer is kind of a must :(

      Thank you for visiting Emma! :)

  2. Fabulous review! Just perfect!

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