Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Review : Purederm Deep Cleansing Peel-Off Mask in Cucumber

Hello everyone!

I bought this peel off mask a week ago and haven't bother trying it out until last Monday. I only got this for $2. I saw my mother tried this mask before and she said it made her skin felt smooth, so being my curious self, I decided to try this out.

I love the packaging of this mask, it reminds me a lot of tropical fruits. Which reminds me why I bought it, I'm a sucker for everything cucumber. When I saw that this mask contains cucumber, I immediately grabbed it and only realised my mom has tried this before.

So, when I tore open the package, I saw a lime green gooey substance and it was in a very, very small amount. I was so disappointed! I read the instructions at the back of the package and followed it. I took the gel with my hand (a very clean hand) and started spreading it across my face. The instruction told me to apply this on evenly, so I tried my best to do so since it only came in a small amount. Turned out I was wrong, it was more than enough.

When I finished applying the stuff on my face, I evened it our even more but it was really hard because it was a lot! It was very sticky and very thick, so it was kind of hard to move it around. After trying my best to even it out, I waited for about 20 minutes until it I couldn't move my face anymore.

I was so excited when I got to the fun part, which was the peeling. I started out on my forehead because it was the easiest area to start with. I peeled carefully because we all know we do not want to get our skin stretched. So I took my time peeling the mask but I only realised that the area around my chin hadn't dried out yet (the layer was thick there!). So, I kinda had to rub my hand on this area to remove the mask and impurities. I rinsed my face with water and I was so amazed at how my skin was very smooth! I explored the area where I got the most blackheads and I was stunned how it was very very clear.

Although it was very hard to apply to the face, the effect of this mask is very satisfying and I definitely recommend this to everyone. It doesn't have the best smell in the world of face mask (smell like glue!), but the smell faded away when it dried. I'd give this product an 8 for its amazing effect!

Just to let you guys know, after using this mask, I applied my Simple Oil Balancing Moisturizer to bring back the moisture to my face. And if you decide to try this product out, share it with someone else because it's a lot!


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