Thursday, 23 May 2013

Izzie's Lookbook : Spring


Spring by zeezs featuring gray handbags

If it something you guys need to know about me, I don't live in a country that has 4 seasons. The climate of my country is 'hot and wet' throughout the year. So I don't have the liberty to enjoy summer, autumn, spring and winter. As much as I am grateful of where I live, sometimes I wish I am living in a 4-seasons country so that I can play around with my closet and wear outfits accordingly. And more reasons to shop!

However, I do have the internet. The internet has broaden my fashion knowledge and I have stumbled upon MANY fashion blogs and videos that taught me what people at the other side of the world wear in a certain season. So, this post is just a mere inspiration of what I have seen what people would wear during Spring. Correct me if I didn't do this right.

So yeah, my idea of Spring is wearing a pastel colored shirt like pastel cyan or pastel teal and pair it with a floral skinny pants. To even make it more spring-y, I would complete the outfit with a coral pair of high wedges and a simple tote. I forgot to add a scarf there, wrapping a scarf would totally look gorgeous. 

I hope you can get inspiration from this outfit, I would totally wear this! My favorite piece would be the floral pants, they are so gorgeous!

If there is anything that you would add or remove, what is it? 

Where you can buy them online:

Embroidered western shirt
$53 -

Etro tapered pants

Dolce Gabbana gray handbag
$1,900 -  


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