Saturday, 18 May 2013

Applying Foundation : Which works the best - hands, brush or sponge?

Foundation is the essential for a flawless look. Whether you are going for a natural or dolly-porcelain look, foundation is a MUST. Without foundation, you might look a little bit incomplete. Unless you have a porcelain skin. So today, we're going to discuss about the best foundation application methods. There are 3 best methods known in the world on how to apply foundation, which are using hands or brush or sponge. But which of these are the best method? In what way that they vary?

Let's start weighing the pros and cons of each! These are based on my experience.


Like Michelle Phan said, our hands/fingers are the best natural makeup tools. It's true, in fact I think using hands is the best way to apply foundation.


  • Flawless finish
  • No streaks
  • You can get every little corners, spots, area thoroughly
  • Less likely to get germs or bacteria on your face
  • You are massaging your face at the same time which allow blood to flow (you'll have an amazing glow!)
  • Free!!
  • Easiest
  • Although it is less likely method to spread germs/oil/sebum, it can also happen. So make sure your hands are clean.
  • Your fingers are probably going to be stained with foundation. But you can clean this with wet tissue, just avoid it getting onto your dress or top!


Real Technique Buffing Brush

There are two type of foundation brushes: flat brush and stippling/buffing brush. I've never used flat brush before, so I'm just going to focus on stippling brush. 

  • Flawless finish
  • Least likely to spread germs/oil to all over your face
  • Thorough application
  • Can be quite expensive (and you have to get good quality ones to have flawless finish)
  • You have to clean after using them
  • It may leave streaks


My least favorite way to apply foundation. 

  • Inexpensive (but I beg to differ on the beauty blenders!)
  • Good finish
  • Thorough application
  • Massages your face since you are pressing the sponge against your face
  • It leaves the most dirt
  • Have to cleanse after use
  • Absorbed too much product and left almost nothing on the face
  • Leaves many streaks
  • Slightly time consuming
There you have it! If you are new to makeup, I hope these methods-weighing will help you decide which method you should go for when applying foundation. After all, it depends on our preference. 

Which method do you find the best in applying foundation?

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