Saturday, 25 May 2013

My healthy breakfast meals since I was a kid

Hello everyone!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal. Metaphorically, it is like a fuel to energize our body until the rest of the day. We also know that phrase 'We are what we eat' is also as equally important as not missing our breakfast. Carefully choosing our breakfast in one step to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

I'm not going to lie that sometimes I do fall for my cravings and just shove whatever I want  into my mouth. We all lose the battle sometimes. Lucky enough for me, my mother always prepared me healthy breakfast ever since I was in  primary school. Until today, I still make my own breakfast like how my Mom always made me . Thank you Mom!

Today, I'm just sharing with you guys few of the healthy meals my mom used to make me, so everyone can make one or make one for you kids!

  • 2 fully boiled eggs

Yes, as simple as that. Boiled eggs are very fulfilling, it literally can make you less hungry until afternoon. Eggs contains a lot of protein, so more energy and stamina!

  • 2 pieces of wholemeal bread with peanut butter spread

I always prefer my bread to be toasted, it's crunchier! And I just love the bread crumbles, it's messy but it makes everything yummier. Everything in this meal is high in fibre and carbohydrates. 

  • 3 boiled chicken sausages with chili sauce dip

Let me emphasise on the boiled there. BOILED. Never deep fry it. You can change the chill sauce dip to anything you want, like Thousand Island or mustard or even cheese.

  • Cereals with low fat milk

I know this one is pretty normal, everyone does this. But my mom always gave me healthier cereals like Corn Flakes, which is very low in sugar and high in fibre. Never go for full cream milk. Low fat milk is the healthier choice and it tastes better.

  • A plain pancake

I never bother with the syrups. I always eat plain! If I do want something to eat it with, I'd go for chocolate sauce.

So, those are few of the healthier breakfast my mom used to make and I still do eat them until today. I hope you can gather something from this post! 

What did you eat for breakfast when you were a little kid?

Disclaimer: all photos are not mine.

Happy Sunday,


  1. I still eat the same breakfasts I always did - brown toast with something, either banana or egg mostly!

  2. yumm!! Sometimes the simplest breakfast is the healthiest :)