Thursday, 16 May 2013

My top 7 YouTube beauty gurus.

I think it's normal for a girl like me to look up to other girls or women to find inspirations and ideas. For makeup and fashion wise, YouTube has been my best friend. YouTube has granted me a LOT of beautiful, gorgeous and aspiring ladies for me to look up to. And today, I will be jotting down my top 7 beauty gurus that I will never ever stop watching their amazing videos. Note that the list are not in order of preference.

  1. Tanya Burr 

I am not lying when I say, I literally watched EVERY single videos of Tanya. Tanya is just a very, very talented beauty guru that I learned so much from. Out of all the gurus I listed here, Tanya taught me the most of my makeup skills and knowledge. Apart from that, she is just a very humble person and she always makes me so happy when she uploads new video.

If you don't already know, the Pixiwoo sisters are the sisters-in-law of Tanya Burr (so much for a coincidence, eh?). They are the most professional makeup artist I know there is on YouTube and they also taught me a lot of things about makeup. My favorites have always been their 60's makeup and Bond Girl series videos. You should definitely check them out. 

   3. Michelle Phan

Who doesn't know Michelle Phan? Seriously. If you don't know who she is, you're missing something BIG in your life. Michelle Phan is probably the first successful beauty guru on YouTube, her skincare tips, makeup tricks and makeup tutorials have helped a lot of women to do makeup. Michelle is yet another guru that has an AMAZING personality, her story of becoming successful on YouTube definitely driven me to reach my own dream and to never stop no matter where you start. 

  4. Wayne Goss

Goss is very honest, which I love the most about him. When giving opinions, he is very genuine and very thorough, I always believed what he said especially when he reviews some beauty products (I almost wanted to buy the Maybelline's Fit Me foundation but when he said it's not good for oily skin, I changed my mind right away.) He is also a professional makeup artist (talking about models here) and yet again, one of the most amazing guru there is.

I want to be Ingrid's best friend, like for reals. She seems like the nicest person ever and I can never say any negative thing about her. Apart from that, her videos are always entertaining and fun. Ingrid, in my opinion, focuses more on fashion and skincare in her channel and they always inspired me to dress for the day and how to take good care of my skin. 

I said I want to be Ingrid's best friend, but with Bethany, I just want to be her sister. Bethany is also one of the gurus that taught me a lot about fashion but she is currently 17 (if I'm not mistaken), so her outfits are sometimes too youthful for me, but her DIYs videos are so useful. I admit that I admire Bethany because of how happy her life is and her cheerful personality always makes me happy. Aside from fashion, she also taught me how important family is and also to have fun. Bethany is just incredible, and I love her. 

  7. Zoe

Zoe never uploaded tutorials in her channel but she always does haul videos which I love. But personally, I love her personality so much that I want to be her sometimes. She occasionally does motivational videos which I am grateful for because she reminds me that she is not perfect, which I love her even more for saying that. 

That's it for my top 7 YouTube beauty gurus! Let me know if these people are your favorites too and if you haven't check them out, please do and subscribe to them, I promise they won't let you down. Let me know if there are broken links.

Cheers, Izzie.

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